Black Khadi Cotton Saree with Dual Tone Border

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Khadi, also known as " khaddar" goes a long way into the glorious history of this country. Wearing a piece of khadi is draping around yourself a rich piece of Indian culture that surpasses all boundaries of languages and religions. Khadi is made out of a lot of labour as it is handspun & handwoven with a lot of care and intricacy. The hundred percent cotton content of Khadi makes it perfect as a year-round fashion staple in India.

This black khadi cotton saree is the absolute match for any young Indian woman with a taste for elegance and finesse. The colour palette is very well balanced with a neutral hue of black with a vibrant yet dark brick red with a touch of gold in the right places. The magnificent look of this saree can be carried to your workplace or just a day out, and you’ll look just perfect pairing it up with some elegant accessories!

Style Tip: Choose a blouse to change the look of this versatile saree. While a plain black sleeveless makes it the perfect office attire, a bright embroidered blouse transforms it into party-wear

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