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Saree is quintessential ethnic wear of Indian women. Every special and auspicious occasion is incomplete without a new designer saree. Over the years, sarees have evolved a lot in terms of style and fashion. Even the ultra-glam Bollywood divas cannot resist the chard of this 9 yard of clothing. New Arrival Party wear sarees to new designer sarees, the outfit is constantly being innovated to fit today’s sensibilities. Check out Beatitude’s new collection of sarees for the latest designer party wear saree trends. 

History of the Indian Saree

A saree is an unstitched long fabric, usually, 6 to 9 yards long draped around the body for an elegant look. A saree is an expression of Indian pride. Traces of sarees origins have been found from the Indus Valley Civilization.

Saree has evolved with the arrival of the Mughals who brought in different traditional handicraft styles like embroidery, embellishments, etc. These designs were adopted by the skilled saree weavers to create a tapestry of rich art. The richness of Mughal fabrics and the intricacy of Indian designs inspired this traditional drape to transform into some amazing art forms and craftsmanship. Cultural influences from different regions helped form different types of sarees like Banarasi sarees, Chanderi sarees, Kalamkari, Linen, and Mixed weave sarees.

Which new designer Sarees are in Vogue right now?

The Saree is enjoying its golden age with a rekindling of interest in the garment and a renaissance of designs. Sarees are traditionally worn with a Blouse and Petticoats. The new designs of new arrival sarees are not only limited to the drape but have innovated the blouse designs too. Here are some new collection sarees 2021 which are a must-try if you want to update your wardrobe with traditional yet trendy outfits.

Type of Sarees in Trend

You can check out the latest designer sarees for party wear with price at Beatitude -

Handwoven Cotton Silk Sarees

Handwoven has been an intrinsic part of the Indian heritage. Sarees with these artworks look very elegant and soft in texture which makes it stylish yet comfortable wear. The cotton handwoven saree is in demand these days. Check out this latest White Shade Handwoven Cotton Saree which is a handwoven masterpiece at only Rs. 3,950. There are other various designs adorned with decorative motifs in batik print, bagh print of Madhya Pradesh, colourful leheriya, khari block prints among others.

Hand Block Print Cotton Ruffle Sarees

It's one of the oldest fabric art forms reflecting the Indian culture. As it uses basic & natural things for printing on fabrics, it's an eco-friendly process. For stamping on clothes, artisans use wooden blocks. The prints are eye-catching and vivacious as no artificial tool is used for printing.

Hand block prints are mostly done on cotton cloth, which makes it a lightweight and comfortable wear in summers. Ruffle pattern is in trend and has taken over the storm in the saree industry. Grab this Multicolor Hand Block Print Cotton Ruffle Saree at Rs. 3,950, to be an eye-catcher in any occasion. You can also wear it for Networking events or Parties.

Handwoven Banarasi silk Saree

This is one of the top latest designer party wear sarees at Beatitude. Each saree of Beatitude's collection is one of the finest handwoven Banarasi saree and is a labour of love. It portrays a beautiful handwoven story written in eternal Banaras. Each drape gets woven by 2-3 weavers simultaneously in a traditional pit loom & takes 4-5 weeks to develop one handwoven Banarasi silk saree. 

Banarasi Sarees are unmatched fabrics with luminous textures, magnificent brocades, and gorgeous zari highlights. Beatitude has a wide range of these hand-woven beauties with new-age versions. 

How to Pick A new designer saree with price Online?

New arrival sarees online shopping is very tricky. You need to know what types of sarees are in trend right now. For that, you can subscribe to Beatitude's exclusive newsletter on the latest saree fashion trends. 

Once you have set your eyes on your favourite designer saree, you shouldn’t make the mistake of overlooking the type of fabric it has to offer. No matter how pretty the saree looks, it can be frustrating if the fabric is uncomfortable to wear. Ensure that the material is made from natural fabrics like cotton, linen, khadi, or silk. If you plan to wear the saree during summer, then ensure you go for kinds of cotton as they are breathable, and will leave you feeling fresh throughout the day.

When you choose to shop latest designer sarees for party wear, you should ensure that you choose a colour that suits your style the best. It’s important to select a colour that goes well with the occasion, for instance, you can opt for lighter shades like pastels for any day event and deeper hues for evening functions or loud celebrations like weddings etc.

While buying the new collection of sarees online, go through the return policy carefully. This is an important factor to look out for before purchasing new designer saree online. Every online store has a different return policy. Beatitude has a reliable no-frills return policy as we care about the customer’s convenience. 

Washing Tips and Storing Instructions

Every saree is an exquisite piece of sheer elegance. Preserve your favourite sarees with proper care, attention, and few important washing and storing tips as it will ensure that you cherish your saree for years. Your wardrobe must be filled with saree of different fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, etc. Each of them needs a different type of handling and care. Check for the care & wash instructions as provided by the manufacturer & do follow the same every time. 

NEVER machine-wash a saree. Either dry clean or delicately hand wash them with mild soap or a natural soap nut like Reetha. Before the first wash, check for colour bleed by soaking a corner of the saree. Store designer sarees in a cool, dry and dark place to avoid direct light. Do not store zari or metal studded silks in plastics as it might turn the zari dark.

Why Beatitude For New Collection Of Sarees Online Shopping?

Beatitude is your luxury destination to the most exclusive and curated collection of Handloom, Handcrafted, Handwoven Sarees, Dupattas, Customized Designer Blouses, Premium Stoles, Ethnic Wear, and Handcrafted Jewelries. Beatitude aims to be a blessing for both the handicraft weavers and their clients across the globe to deliver a masterpiece at a pragmatic price. We do everything we can to guarantee you a smooth shopping experience. With easy 30-day return and/or exchange policy, quick delivery feature, cash on delivery facility, and more. Beatitude also offers exclusive discounts and sales as per seasons and festivals. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram for the Coupon code running for New arrival sarees. Shop for sarees online on Beatitude and satisfy all your wardrobe needs with zero hassles!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are the latest trends in sarees and ethnic wear?

Even though the overall traditional concept of the saree is classic, the modern take of this evergreen attire is quite trendy. Some of the latest trends in sarees are as follows:

The offbeat look: this style comprises a combination of a long overcoat, a cotton saree, and finished with a waist belt.

The dhoti trend: this is one of the most popular modern saree trends. The style makes neutral colours like grey and brown look stunning, especially when paired with a unique blouse.

Monochromatic style: If you love simple fashion, then this trend is for you. When it comes to new arrival sarees, go for dark hues coupled with collar saree blouses. This minimalistic style is elegant and classy.

What are the latest designer sarees on the market?

When looking for new arrival sarees, the new collection of sarees is usually in the cotton category because the fabric is versatile, comfortable, and can be worn for a fancy or casual occasion. Cotton designer sarees are great because they are affordable and have a vibrant colour variety as well. Check out the latest new arrival saree collection on Beatitude.

Which type of new collection sarees for 2021 is best?

The cotton-silk saree is one of the most versatile sarees, especially if you’re looking at new arrival sarees. This is because they are comfortably stylish for social events and day to day use. The cotton silk saree also happens to be quite popular with Indian women all over the world. Since blending cotton and silk makes the fabric affordable it increases the output of the handloom saree sector as well.

What is the cost of a saree?

If you are looking for an authentic Banarasi or Kanchipuram silk saree then it will cost you 5,000 to 6,000 rupees. Imitation ones will cost around 700-800 rupees. If you are looking for good quality, blended fabric sarees then they will cost you 1,500 – 2,000 Rupees. The price will mostly depend on the quality of the fabric.

Where can I buy sarees online?

You can purchase new designer saree by visiting Beatitude online store. They have a collection of latest saree trends at affordable costs and you can select ones that are perfect for your unique style.

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