Easy To Drape and Carry through the Day – Refresh Your Wardrobe with an Elegant Linen Saree

In a very infamous graduation ceremony, someone said, “If you are an Indian woman, you must know how to drape a saree”. Well, we don’t agree with this sweeping statement, but if I were to find a silver lining to the controversy, it would be the focus on the sheer importance of this 6 yards of elegance we call the saree. Casual or formal, the saree is indeed a very versatile piece of garment, and, as we will soon see, even plain linen sarees can make us stand out.

Linen: The basics

Derived from the fibre of the flax plant, linen is one of the most versatile modern day fabrics. It is lightweight and is counted as one of the oldest textiles known to man. While linen, as a material is used in a variety of garments, it is almost a quintessential part of a woman’s traditional wardrobe. Be it the scorching heat of the summers or the pleasing winters, linen sarees are perfect for every season.

They are the go-to choice amongst the millennials and for good reasons

Today, fashion doesn’t come at the cost of comfort. Yes, we want to look fashionable but not end up being roasted. Linen silk is definitely one of those fabrics that spell fashion and comfort at the same time.

Why is linen the best of both worlds?

  • It’s natural sheen

The raw look of linen with the lustre of silk gives a unique feel to the fabric. Even the most plain linen sarees have grandeur written all over. This and it’s availability in a myriad of colours and weaves make it a designer’s favourite fabric

  • It absorbs moisture- A lot of it!

Pure linen is one of the best-known moisture absorbents after cotton. The fabric absorbs up to 25% moisture without sticking to the body. In essence, pure linen sarees are your best friend for the hot and humid tropical summers

  • It feels like skin- of course without clinging

The fabric is soft and falls perfectly upon draping, and because it doesn’t cling to you, you don’t have to worry about being the topic of discussions for all the wrong reasons

  • Hassle-free maintenance

Unlike other materials like georgette, linen doesn’t stretch very easily. Also, the fabric gets softer after every wash, without stealing away any sheen. The fibre is naturally stain-and-dirt resistant, making it a busy woman’s workday essential.

Even with so many great qualities, linen is truly a humble fabric. Intended to fit any budget, pure linen saree prices make them quite a hot seller.

These and so many more attributes make it popular, and it is even easy to find pure linen sarees online.

Linen is for older women – Myth busted

So, we’ve spoken all about how great linen is for the Indian summers but what about the popular notion that it is something that older women look good in? Well, in the last part of this blog, we’ll give you enough reasons to change that thought.

  1. They are elegance personified

These sarees are light. Drape like one like it was your skin and add tons of freshness to your look

  1. Versatile- They let you innovate

Change the drape of a linen saree, and you can pull off at least a dozen looks. Team with a backless blouse and it makes you a social butterfly, or tone it down with a mandarin collar crop top, and you can add a boho twist to the classic day look

  1. Less is the new more

The variety of weaves, ranging from the plain hues to checks and other motifs, are never too over the top. Style it with the right blouse and minimal accessories, and it instantly takes you a few notches higher up in the fashion game

As they say, great craftsmanship can’t be made on a conveyer belt; it takes a lot of effort to produce linen. It is soft, and naturally a great sweat-absorbent, and thus, is always the best choice for the Indian climate. The subtle design, chic look and ease of draping are reasons enough for you to add one to your wardrobe today.