Designer Handloom Saree- A Must Have for Your Wardrobe

For anyone who has ever seen, worn or possessed a saree, there would be no denying that Handloom has something magical about it. The beauty and charm of the distinctive weaves, looms and crafty techniques make every piece of handloom desirable.

India has, for years, been a land of weavers who upheld the rich cultural craftsmanship through their hand crafting across various parts of the country. Each state of India has something unique to offer when it comes to Handloom. The rich diversity of this countryis well captured through the fabrics woven at different places by local weavers and it gives a distinctive characteristic to the created piece.So whether it is a Benarasi Silk from the land of Ganges or a Tussar Silk from Bihar, whether it’s a Patola from Gujrat or an Ikat from Odisha, a Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu or Gadwal from Andhra, each piece has a unique charm about itself and each style speaks volumes about their local culture, art and craft.

The purity that handloom reflects and the immeasurable effort of the artisans inspires many designers to work exclusively on handloom to showcase their talent to a global audience.Well known designers have given their own unique touches to the handloom sarees and transformed them into pieces of ultimate desirability. Some well-known designers like Chandri Mukherjee has taken the skills of Bengal weavers to an all new level with her designs depicting the rich heritage of our country. Vinay Narkar exclusively works with the weavers of Gadwal to bring out innovative fabrics using different weaving techniques. Designer Gaurang Shah works exclusively on handloom and specialises in Jamdani and Kalamkari patterns and brings out pieces that are adorned by celebs. With so many designers putting in their impeccable craft and attention to detail to this traditional art, Handloom is picking up once again with the modern generation.

With many designers selling their labels through online channels, the accessibility to luxury has increased multi fold. Exclusive designer sarees, the best of handloom pieces are now available at the click of a button. Some niche online marketplaces like Beatitude exclusively sell Handloom and hand crafted products only. They have tie ups with well-known designers who work with weavers from various parts of the country and exclusively design pieces for them.  Handloom thus has seeped into every woman’s wardrobe.

It is thus inevitable for the modern woman to not be plagued by the charming bug of Handloom. And Why shouldn’t she be plagued? After all, it’s the most glamourous hand creation that India can put through on the global canvas. So all of you, fashionistas out there, Go the Handloom Way! This should be on the top of your list of “must have’s in wardrobe”

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