Saree – A Fashionista’s Style Statement!

I’ve always been an ardent admirer of that 6 meters of cloth draped perfectly around your body revealing just the right curves. Yes! I’m talking about the saree.

Saree was once the only known and most commonly worn attire for Indian women but over the last decade or more, the increasing impact of globalization, pushed this ever charming, glamourous wardrobe marvel, a little on to the back seat. Women limited the usage of saree to only traditional days at work or occasions like festivals and family functions. However, like all other fashions and styles, past few years have seen a comeback for sarees! Women from all ages and all walks of life have started donning the saree more frequently and at all such instances where they wish to look extremely glamourous.

Modern day saree makers have also transformed it’s look to suit the tastes of women of varied age groups and varied likings. All thanks to reputed fashion designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi who have taken the regular everyday wear to an all new pedestal of glamour, style and fashion that the modern woman looks up to the saree to bring out her best style statement.

Bollywood celebs that inspire many a woman in India and abroad, often make a stunning style statement with gorgeous sarees perfectly blending with their accessories and overall look.  These sarees and many similar ones are available to the larger audience to pick, wear and create similar looks that they aspire for.Saree creators have got innovative enough to create some really handy pieces like a lehenga saree which are easy to step into and get the perfect party look in no time making sarees the first choice for style. With newer styles hitting the market every six months, saree is by far the trendiest clothing to look forward to on our yearly fashion calendar.

What assists the fashionistas in picking saree as their glam choice is the immense and easy availability of stylishly crafted products, designer wears and latest chic pieces via stores and online market places. Today’s market offers extensive variety in materials, weaves, fabrics, designs, colours, lengths and styles that are ever evolving. From timeless pieces to latest trendy patterns, from sober subtle shades to glamourous loud prints, from silks to cottons to georgettes to mixed fabrics, you name it and you can have it all at your fingertips.With India offering a unique saree style from every part of the country, there is so much that you can add to your collective and step out in unique style every time.