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Khadi fabric was championed by the Mahatama Gandhi as a means of empowerment, with the intention of promoting the native industries of the country. Khadi was first hand spun in the 1920's during the Swadeshi Movement when it was presented as an alternative to British produced textiles. Khadi being easy to work for the weavers, they beautifully churn out amazing sarees with different arts like block printing, phulkari, patch work, Kantha, jacquard and sever other adornment techniques. Whether you are a khadi Maven or have not tried it out yet, we at brings for you all-new range of premium cotton khadi sarees to which you can never say a no. Find premium cotton khadi sarees available in multiple colours, prints, embellishments, designs and price brackets. Women might associate the khadi sarees with minimalist design but currently designed sarees are available in a variety of choice, right from a lot of intricate detailing to simple sarees with no embellishments.

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Khadi are handwoven fabrics made of hand spun yarns and due to its spinning process, the fabric become more porous and fewer yarn twist make the fabric more absorbent. This further results in extremely light and ventilated piece of saree with a rustic texture. This fabric is ideal for dark coloured dyes, as it is absorbent in nature due to which we at provide you with a wide spectrum of looks and designs that is quite evident in our khadi saree collection. Khadi sarees due to its distinct charm and aura has found its way into the wardrobe of many fashion conscious women. Being a versatile fabric, it has the unique property of keeping the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer. This saree is highly comfortable to wear in all seasons and can be worn for various occasions like puja, party, get-together with friends and family and is also ideal for office wear. So shop your favourite saree today at our online store to buy this saree at affordable prices.

Cotton Sarees – Unique and Exceptional in their Modern Avatar

Khadi fabric has certainly brought a new freshness in the fashion world and our enticing collections are sure to leave fashionistas awe-inspired and dazzled. The sarees offered by us are crafted out of the sophisticated fabric and has been globally renowned for its rich heritage and extra ordinary fashion appeal. Cotton khadi sarees charm and appeal lies in its wavy and ruffled look, as unlike pure cotton sarees the material does not easily crumple. Khadi sarees being both utilitarian and sensational is ruling the fashion world and we are proud to bring together some highly skilled weavers and craftsmen, who are experts in inlayed patterning and weft patterning, as very few weavers are skilled enough to execute these weaving techniques. Catering to the current market tastes, we provide khadi saree with a flavour of fusion with freshness.