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Buy Jamdani Saree Online

Jamdani is an exquisite weaving art form, the skill and precision of master weavers produce a delicate weave that results in the jamdani saree. When you purchase a jamdani saree online, you will notice defining aspects like the rich motifs that are intricately added by hand. The advanced hand-weaving techniques are what make this a popular saree fabric.

What makes Dhakai jamdani sarees so exquisite?

Before you decide to buy jamdani saree online, you need to know some facts about it and why it’s considered a work of art. The fabric was introduced in India to buy Arab travelers during the ninth century. The fabric was said to be so fine that it could pass through a signet ring. In the twelfth century, Mughal influences helped the fabric evolve with various colors and motifs. With the help of inlaid thread, the surface of the material displayed mesmerizing patterns. During the Mughal rule, the art blossomed and the Jamdani saree became extremely popular.

Jamdani sarees are created like a tapestry, wherein small shuttles of gold, silver, and colored threads pass through various wefts. The various designs of this saree include butidar, tercha, and jhalar. Originally, the base of the technique was made from muslin, but now they are made from cotton.

What’s in vogue for jamdani sarees?

Before you decide to purchase a jamdani saree online, you need to know about the latest styles that are in vogue right now. Some of them are:

Dhaka Sarees

If you are looking for the latest dhakai jamdani saree collection with price on Beatitude, then you have to look for the ones that are handmade by experienced weavers. The Dhaka Jamdani sarees are made with care, and they are created to be as detailed as possible. A single saree can take nine months to one year to be made.

Tangail Sarees

Some of the prominent ways to identify a genuine jamdani saree are by looking at the motifs and details of the sarees. If you are looking for a Tangail jamdani saree then look for broad and beautiful motifs that come in floral shapes, mostly lotus. Other motifs that are used in these sarees are lamps and aquatic designs.

Shantipur Sarees

The Shantipur Jamdani sarees are produced in the district of Shantipur, in West Bengal. They are similar to Tangail sarees and include broad designs and big motifs. But, they are different because they have a fine texture and striped motifs.

DhaniaKhali Sarees

These are produced in West Bengal as well. They are different from Tangail and Shantipur sarees because these sarees have a tight weave and are marked with contrasting and bold colors. The saree borders include broad designs and the contrasting colors are included on the insides of the saree.

Perfect Occasion to wear a Jamdani Saree

They say, "one must dress to the occasion”, which holds true in most cases. However, it helps if you have something up your sleeve that is a classic for all occasions. The Jamdani saree is one such attire. A Jamdani saree is very versatile and fits almost every occasion. Wear it for Weddings, Pujas, Navratri, Eid and other festivals or Parties. Cotton jamdani sarees are best for casual family meets or get-togethers.

How to choose the perfect saree for you?

When purchasing jamdani saree online, you need to find the style that suits you perfectly. A jamdani saree looks great on everyone, here are some jamdani saree style tips that will help you accentuate your frame:

If you have a tall frame, then go for jamdani sarees that have broad motifs and detailed patterns.

If you have a petite frame, then opt for light colors and minimal patterns, stick to plain blouses, and few broad pleats. This will help accentuate your frame.

Here are some of the prominent features of a jamdani sarees:

Draping styles

When you are purchasing jamdani saree online, you must think about how it will drape your body. This is where you drape the saree according to your body frame. Jamdani sarees have fluid fabric, and it encourages neat pleats and the best outcomes.


The prints that you select have to match your style, they must not overwhelm you or look too plain. Go for colors that are contrasting or bright, this will elevate your outfit to the next level.

Saree Borders

The saree borders for a jamdani saree will decide on your overall appearance and you need to know which one will work best for you. If you have a tall frame then go for a jamdani saree that includes heavy work and a broad border.

Storing and Washing tips for Jamdani sarees

Handloom sarees like a Jamdani, require handling with a lot of attention and care as they are extremely delicate. A Jamdani saree is a treasured possession and we understand that you would love to keep its elegance intact even after decades. To do so, they have to be washed and stored in a particular way, to maintain their quality for the long term.

Here’s how you can care for your expensive Jamdani sarees: 

No perfume, sprays, or mothballs. Always wash a saree as per the instructions on the garment’s fabric care label. You have to give the sarees a couple of uses before the first wash. A Jamdani saree has intricate work, so never machine wash them preferably dry-clean them whenever needed. If you are hand washing it, then make sure to use a mild soap or specially formulated silk shampoos. You can also use soap-nut (Reetha).

Store your Handwoven Dhakai Jamdani saree, in a dry place and away from direct sunlight. Sarees tend to catch mold when stored in humid places, so always find the darkest and coolest place in your wardrobe to store your Muslin Resham Jamdani saree. 

Why Beatitude for jamdani saree online shopping?

Beatitude is your luxury destination to the most exclusive and curated collection of Handloom, Handcrafted, Handwoven Sarees, Dupattas, Customized Designer Blouses, Premium Stoles, Ethnic Wear and Handcrafted Jewelleries. Beatitude aims to be a blessing for both the handicraft weavers and their clients across the globe to deliver a masterpiece at a pragmatic price.

We do everything we can to guarantee you a smooth shopping experience – do not forget to make use of Beatitude’s easy 30-day return policy, quick delivery feature, cash on delivery facility, and more. Beatitude also offers exclusive discounts and sales as per seasons and festivals. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram for the Coupon code running for Exclusive Jamdani Sarees. Shop from the best jamdani collections on Beatitude and satisfy all your ethnic wardrobe needs with zero hassles!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Indian state is famous for jamdani sarees?

The state of Andhra Pradesh is quite famous for producing Jamdani sarees. The Uppada saree is made from silk and it's woven in Uppada. It’s manufactured in the East Godavari district.

How to identify a genuine jamdani saree?

Before you purchase a jamdani saree online, you have to be able to distinguish between genuine and imitation sarees. The first thing you have to look at is the back of the saree fabric because each thread gets pulled back and forth. Once each pull is done, the loom is peddled, an extra weft is added, and the design is tightened. A single thread will curl back and forth is a genuine Jamdani saree. In an imitation saree, the edges of the motif are severed by scissors.

What types of Jamdani Saree do we have in our collection?

Our collection of Jamdani sarees include the following types:

  • Handwoven Dhakai Jamdani saree
  • Handwoven linen sarees
  • Muslin Resham Jamdani saree

What is the cost of Jamdani saree?

The cost of a genuine jamdani saree online can range from 4,000 to 8,000 rupees. It depends on the pattern, design, fabric, and motifs of the saree. Buy dhakai jamdani saree online at Beatitude at the best price.

Which is the best site to buy Jamdani sarees online?

If you want to shop for jamdani saree online, then you have to head to Their online store has a variety of Jamdani sarees that are specially curated for the Indian woman. Beatitude’s online store has the best quality sarees and they are affordable as well. You can select the saree that suits your style the best.

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