Linen Cotton Sarees – A Crisp, Cool Drape Ideal for Summer

Linen is rightly acknowledged as the fabric for all seasons by the fashion industry, as it is best for the summer heat, smooth in texture, soft to touch, highly absorbent that keeps the body cool and comfortable all through the day. Its excellent weave quality offer the fabric in a diverse counts ranging from slightly coarse to extra fine and when it is mixed with cotton, the fabric is much thinner and lighter in nature compared when used alone.

A 100% linen fabric is weak and hence it is difficult to maintain in regular use so in order to provide strength to the fabric cotton is blended. Besides, cotton blended linen fabric is a bit more wrinkled resistant and retains a lot more heat, thus making it ideal to craft some wonderful sarees out of it. Fashion designers have well utilized the wonderful qualities of the fabric and envisaged its as a trendy and vividly patterned sarees.    

Linen cotton sarees naturally have a sense of sophistication making them a preferred choice of the saree connoisseurs. These sarees find a place in every woman's wardrobe as right from celebrities to professional women, linen cotton sarees have made a place in every lady's heart and to their closets. Though, these sarees are light-in-weight and heavy-on-pocket but still enjoy huge demand among the women of every age and taste. Women simply love to pick a linen cotton saree and confront summer like never before with this simple yet elegant drape.

Linen cotton saree is a woman's best friend in hot weather and sultry conditions due to its naturally absorbent quality that allows skin to easily breathe and facilitates free air circulation because of its non-sticky nature. Nothing can be compared with linen cotton sarees while talking of look and feel it offers to the wearers, as draping this comfortable saree is a crisp affair. Wearing this saree in an apt manner will make one look ravishing and elegant. Linen cotton sarees due to its qualities and features have been a favourite with current designers who certainly include it in their sarees repertoire.