Get Floored by the Uniqueness of Kalamkari on Sarees

The Indian handicrafts has witnessed a major boom in the past few years and it is all because of the traditional prints and fine craftsmanship that adds an exquisite flavour and richness to the entire look. One such handicraft item that has become a rage among the today's women is the kalamkari sarees. Derived from the words 'kalam' meaning pen and 'kari' meaning  craftsmanship, kalamkari is a distinctive style of hand painted motifs. This saree is the most sought-after handcrafted product that is much in vogue today. Kalamkari saree is the preferred choice of ardent saree lovers who are fan of ancient art, as these sarees truly depict Indian craftsmanship at its best.

Kalamkari is a free hand drawing using pen usually depicts epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and recent techniques also depict Buddha and Buddhist art forms. The patterns are filled with desired colours that are made using only natural dyes extracted from various roots, leaves and mineral salts. The kalamkari process is quite slow and vigorous and involves process of resist dyeing and hand painting. Every process of the kalamkari process is painstakingly executed with utmost perfection in the sarees. Thus, every kalamkari saree is truly marvellous and exquisite that leave everyone awestruck due to its sheer magnificence.

The speciality of kalamkari is that the finished pattern in the saree is mellow even through bright colours that completely enlivens the saree taking it to another level. Kalamkari saree boasts of rhythmical style in which hand painted border and pallu work adds an exquisite flavour and richness to the whole saree. Women who are fond of par excellence sarees can never say no to these lovely sarees, which are an evergreen saga of simplicity and immaculation. So next time while shopping for the creme de la creme of ethnic saree, just think of kalamkari saree and will find it one in an online store.