5 Reasons Why Your Wardrobe Needs A Kanjeevaram Silk Creation

It is said that when a girl dons her very first silken wrap, with nine yards of flowing weave,
and a touch of Goddess-like finesse, she metamorphosizes from a caterpillar to a butterfly,
and finally becomes the elegant woman she was always meant to be!
Now, while there are a huge variety of weaves that women can choose from, there is one
weave that goes above and beyond expectations, and is synonymous with the word
opulence in every manner! Here’s why investing in a Kanjeevaram Silk Saree is a must for
every woman!
1) Kanjeevaram is said to be the weave of the Gods
According to Hindu Mythology, Kanchi Silk weavers are descendants of the Great Sage
Markanda, who was said to be the weaver for the Gods themselves. As per legends,
Markanda was considered a master of his art to an extent where he was called upon by the
Gods to weave their creations. Now, who wouldn’t want to feel like a literal Goddess?
2) Kanjeevaram brings out the glow in your personality
Kanjeevaram Silk sarees are known for their grandeur and royalty. While they are woven
with Pure Silk strands: the mother of all threads; Kanjeevaram Silk weaves are also laced
with pure silk and gold zari work, that give the weave such a niche and elite texture. Around
the Southern regions of India, Kanjeevaram Silk weaves are a must for brides, not only
because of the allure they carry, but also because Kanjeevaram is synonymous with the
glow of newly-wed brides, and complement their stature perfectly.
3) Kanjeevaram is a recreation of history for the body
The coming of age of the Kanjeevaram weave goes back 400 years. In the small town of
Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, during the dynasty of Krishna Devaraya (from the Vijayanagara
Empire), the art of Kanjeevaram weaving took residents by storm. Sculptures housed by the
temples were recreated on fabric; weaves immortalized the scriptures and figurines borne by
temples, and made it accessible for the human body to adorn such historic creations.
4) Kanjeevaram is the perfect balance of precision, technique and durability
While everything about the Kanjeevaram weave screams art, there is a very precise
technique to putting together the entire nine yards and turning it into a spectacle worth
seeing. A Kanjeevaram Silk saree is woven in three parts: the body, the pallu, and the
border. This is done to ensure there is a kaleidoscopic balance of contrast and design, and
to ensure that the design is anything but monotonous.
Once these three parts are woven to perfection, the weavers join the three to form a saree
with such precision that one can only hope to find an error. It is said that even if the saree
tears, it will be impossible to find the joints because of the masterful work done by the

weavers. The incorporation of silver and gold zari also makes the weave extremely durable,
and this is what makes the Kanjeevaram weave an ancestral choice amongst various
families in the country.
5) Kanjeevaram is hitting the runway and red carpets again
From an array of famous designers reworking Kanjeevaram weaves into their designs, to
Bollywood Divas walking the red carpets donning the silken creations of Kanjeevaram, the
fashion industry is making a woven come-back, and you shouldn’t be left far behind!
Whether the legendary singer Bombay Jayashree, who scintillates our eardrums with her
soulful version of Zara Zara from Rehna Hai Tere Dil Main, donning a Kanjeevaram beauty
on the Oscars 2013 Red Carpet; to Rekha, who has aged like fine wine and redefines the
meaning of class and elegance, gracing a Kanjeevaram to a variety of award functions along
the years; many prominent women have chosen this symbol of elegance to represent their
personalities on events of a grand scale.
Not only can a Kanjeevaram weave be worn as a traditional saree, a lot of new-age
designers have incorporated the weave in the form of kimonos and long jackets that
complement your plain Anarkalis, and give you an edge in the fashion scene. Over the
years, women have chosen Kanjeevaram because of the feel of royalty and grandeur it
projects; and now that you know the allure of a Kanjeevaram creation, you can get your
hands on one with Beatitude. Visit our website today and choose the royal blend that will work best for you!