Adorn Premium Khadi Sarees to Tap Into a Sartorial Legacy

Women's love for saree is simply inexplicable, as they love draping the six-yard long fabric that impart them with utmost sensuous and gorgeous look. The women love affair with sarees has brought this ethnic ensemble in wide range and varieties. Among all the popular and trending sarees, Khadi saree holds a special charm among the true saree connoisseurs. Once the symbol of Swadeshi Movement, where Mahatma Gandhi championed this fabric as a means of empowerment for Indians, khadi has come a long way. From its humble beginning in the 1920's as an alternative to British produced textiles, khadi fabric has significantly evolved over the years and it is rightly considered as a fashion staple of today's generation. Though, due to its rich versatility this fabric van be seamlessly adapted for making wide range of dresses for both men and women but it is the sarees that have earn a classy appeal.

The premium khadi sarees boast of unmistakably grainy texture and downy softness with a glint of sheen, making this saree stand out among all other varieties of handloom sarees. A fabric that feels cool in summer and warm in winter, khadi saree shows resistance to shrinking and hence unlike cotton these sarees do not shrink and fade away with multiple washes. Instead this saree acquire a unique shine after every wash making the saree wearable for a long duration. Delicately handwoven in India, this fabric is usually made from cotton and on rare occasions it is made with silk or wool. Because of its smooth texture, this saree is easy to design and make the way the weaver desires. Right from block printing to phulkari to patch work to kantha, jacquard to several other techniques are used for adornment to churn out some exclusive and timeless collection of premium khadi sarees.

Earlier the khadi sarees was associated with minimalistic design and simple and sober fabric but thanks to the efforts of current fashion designers who ensured that there is no dearth of choices in khadi sarees too and customers are offered with a variety of choice. Khadi sarees collection available today with premium online stores range from elegant sarees with a lot of intricate detailing to simple solid colour alternatives bearing no embellishments at all. The highlighting features of khadi that make this saree stands out are the ruffled wavy textured and silken shine. This saree is greatly admired by the women for its impeccable finish, colour fastness and quality to blend. It is greatly admired and preferred due to the comfort factor and it follows the contour of the woman's body after few washes. Due to its cool and comfort features this saree has become the most sought after and loved. Women shopping premium cotton sarees from online stores will also find a matching blouse and jewellery to accessorize the saree for a stunning look.