From the Crevices of Kashmir

Kashmir is said to be a land that can be called pure heaven on Earth. From the scenic beauty, to the people, everything about Kashmir is purely inviting. But there is one piece of art in Kashmir that is wanted by very many people around the globe, their art and handicrafts. From the lands of Jammu and Kashmir come beautiful items that range from paper mache, to woodwork, from fabric to carpets, but the one thing that really has taken the whole world by storm is the beauty of the Aari Embroidery and the sleek touch of Pashmina.
Kashmir has been the top runner in terms of fashion, especially on the global front. From Kate Middleton to Hillary Clinton, from Royalty to Politics, everyone has donned Kashmiri beauties and flaunted their love for the floral ethnics in one form or another.
In our opinion, every well-established fashionista ought to have a Kashmiri beauty in her wardrobe, and we’re here to give you just a few reasons why!

1) Handwoven always leaves you breathless!
It is a known fact that handwoven clothing has a different kind of allure to it, and Kashmiri work Sarees and Shawls are nothing but handwoven. From the floral embroidery that runs through the body of the Saree, to the Pashmina put together by hands of artful weavers, Kashmir is known to be the jannat for handwoven creations.
2) Pashmina is the way to every woman’s heart!
With its soft, lustrous and elegant touch, Pashmina is said to be one of the most expensive and finely woven fabrics of all time. It holds the potential to be so soft and sleek that it can be passed through the ring test. What is the ring test you ask? If you wish to test how genuine your pashmina purchase is, all you have to do is pass it through a ring, and voila, a pure pashmina creation will glide through the ring every single time.
3) It looks like a million bucks!
Pashmina and Aari work are just the most royal and regal looking pieces in the market. When you encapsulate your body in a Pashmina or Aari work creaton, by default your confidence shoots up by a million points. When you dress well, you channel your confidence and attitude well, and with a Kashmiri creation you are bound to always look your best.
4) It is a big time revenue generator for the country!
Kashmiri Sarees and Shawls have been at the peak of the fashion industry. They have always been a tried and tested favorite around the globe, and have made their mark in various fashion joints across the globe. With the kind of attention Kashmiri handicrafts has got to our country, the revenue has shot up and brought a big time increase in our national income.
Whether you’re a Kashmiri or not, weaves from the land of Kashmir are bound to make an appearance in your lifetime, because every woman is sure to find herself draped in a Kashmiri creation over a period of time.
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