Handwoven Sarees – Add Timeless Elegance to your Style

The women of today is not bogged down by the pressure of daily life and they seek and deserve simply the best in each and every thing. The modern women is quite focus and conscious while choosing their outfits, as they just don't want to compromise a bit on their dresses. Sarees being a hot favorite attire, every woman is sure to have a soft corner for some or the other type of saree. However, handwoven is a type of saree that holds a special place in every woman's heart due to its distinct style and patterns. Women's fascination with handwoven sarees is eternal and seeing their love and passion for it, several online fashion stores are presenting connoisseurs with diverse choice of handwoven sarees.

Originating from Indian cottage industries,handwoven sarees have been an intrinsic part of the Indian heritage since time memorial. Handwoven sarees are the outcome of artisans extensive labor of day and night to come up with a single piece of handwoven saree. Artisans and craftsmen gives their heart and soul to designs and create some handwoven wonder that is hard to create using power looms. A handwoven saree is weaved on a loom encasing simple yet engrossing patterns along with vivid colours. These sarees are immensely popular and hit among women who love classic style with a contemporary touch.

However, the rich culture of handwoven saree is ebbing away and is being replaced by the replicas that are being power loomed and presented as handwoven sarees by indigenous manufacturers for easy profit. Therefore, it is significant for women to learn to distinguish between an authentic handloom sarees and it's replica. There are few ways using which women can prevent themselves from getting duped handwoven sarees at the cost of original one. Handwoven sarees are crafted with lot of dedication and hard-work and hence are marvelous to behold. Since, these sarees are entirely crafted with hand, these are often characterized by little asymmetries and irregularities. Due to such imperfections, the handwoven sarees have a special charm and sophistication that is hard to discover in power loomed sarees.

The authentic handwoven sarees also come with government authorized tags like silk-mark, wool-marks and seal of cotton. The presence of these tags ensure that these products are passed through stringent quality checks before reaching the retailers and end-consumers. Buying such certified products ensure its authenticity hence women while buying handwoven sarees must always check for government authorized tags to be ensured that they are buying the real and best quality saree.