Kashmiri Bliss

Decades it took to build,

a land so rich with its cultural heritage
Civilization, monuments & places of extreme holiness,
are the arts flown from a pure soul to working hands
And from these hands to the land, of absolute blessedness

Years it take for a seed to grow,
In a tree which showers, it's breeze & shadow...
So is the most awaiting time for a mother, to see her baby, crying in a cradle

Months it take to turn a land,
from barren to complete green
Tough hands, strong rays & soothings rains...
And the time to see hardwork, turning into grains

Art, Nature & Hardwork, always amazes after a long wait...
So does our beautifully crafted & designer drapes...
Perfectly made to showcase an adorable avatar, of you Gorgeous
In our collection...
# Beatitudes' Jannat-e-Firdaus