Linen Sarees – A Perfect Blend of Style, Comfort and Convenience

While thinking of sarees the ideas just get restricted to silks and cottons, but we certainly need to look beyond as there are several other exciting and interesting options to explore and linen saree is one such option that has taken the fashion industry by storm. Linen is a fabric made of fibers procured from the flax plant and is widely used in the fashion world because it is known for being extremely durable, sturdy as well as highly absorbent that make it ideal not just for sarees but also to create a variety of garments. Linen like other fabrics can be embroidered or printed to create patterns or designs depending upon the creative vision of the designer working with it.

Linen is extremely popular as a cool and refreshing fabric to wear and thus linen sarees make ideal summer wear due to the hot temperatures of the Indian subcontinent. Linen is a lightweight fabric that is known for its versatile appeal and is derived from the the fibers of flax plant and is counted as the oldest fabric in the world. Though, linen sarees are a great fit for every season but these sarees is especially treasured and loved to be worn in summers. Hand embroidered linen silk sarees take a lot of time and effort to manufacture but the end product is worth raving about. Being extremely soft and sweat absorbent, linen saree is a natural sartorial choice for the scorching summers that render an impeccable freshness to women of all ages.

The refreshing linen saree has an interesting history to boast of, as its origin dates back to thousands of years when people started to transform plant's fiber into string and cloth. The weaving of linen fabric was initiated during 5000 B.C from the fiber of flax plants that mainly grows in the Central Asia and the Mediterranean region. In those days sarees were usually hand-spun and hence they have a very different kind of finesse that is basically absent from the modern machine spun sarees. Being comfortable and fashionable at the same time, this saree was a hot favorite of yesteryear women as well as is a fashion rage among the young fashion connoisseurs of today.