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Guide to Banarasi Silk Saree trends: Buy Banarasi Saree online

Beatitude Banarasi Silk Sarees: Your style secret

If you love wearing a saree, then you will agree that the Banarasi silk saree is a prized possession. Indian women all over the world cherish the nine-yard material. If you want to buy Banarasi saree online, then there are some basic facts you need to know.

Origin and History of Banarasi Silk Sarees

There's a scholastic debate that a type of shiny fabric or 'Hiranya' (clothes made of gold) was used in the Vedic era and these are similar to silk because of its sheen. It’s said that the Mughals introduced the fine craftsmanship of Silk in India, and they glorified the art of designing and weaving. Akbar was fond of only-the-best kind of clothing and used silk for not only clothing but also for wall hangings and carpets. This inspired craftsmen to include their take on weaving; which led to the sari weaving era. Each yard of Banarasi saree fabric has a history attached to it. The mix of Persian and Indian cultures gave rise to the artistry that will last generations.

There is contextual evidence found in Pali texts and Jataka tales that Kashi was a clothing trade centre then. The city of Banaras or Kashi has always been an important centre of textiles, fabrics, and weaving since then. Both these factors contributed to making the most amazing Indian treasure, that is the Banarasi Silk

The Banarasi saree is a fine silk variant that originated in the ancient city of Varanasi. The fabulous and exquisite material is a popular choice for Indian brides, along with the trendy lehenga cholis. Fabrics manufactured in Banaras are still an important aspect of cultural and traditional India. The Distinct Features of a Banarasi Silk Saree reflect the effort, expertise, and skill (that comes with centuries of practice).

It is the silver, gold and zari brocade and motifs that make these customary sarees extremely unique. Floral patterns are more typical in banarasi saree for wedding than some other patterns or themes. The Kalga (floral) and Bel (foliate) represents the influence of Mughals in the craftsmanship. Another popular pattern is a string of upright leaves called Jhallar which is usually weaved on the inner and outer edge. Weaving and the mind-boggling work add to the cost of the saree.

Types of Banarasi Sarees

One can categorize Banarasi sarees based on design and style. Some of the popular styles include jangla, tanchoi, vaskat, cutwork, tissue, and butidar. Listed below are the various types of Banarasi Sarees, and you can select the ones you like and buy banarasi silk sarees online with price:

  • Katan:
  • In this style, the fabric is woven with pure silk threads and woven even further to create silk sarees. Back in the day, these sarees were handwoven with unique designs and motifs; now, rapid and power loom manufacture them.

  • Georgette:
  • These banarasi saree are quite distinct because they are created with light fabric, which includes a plain weave. These sarees are quite popular in Bollywood films as they are lightweight & simple. They are also quite affordable, compared to other Banarasi saree styles.

  • Kora:
  • Kora styles involve brocades. It's a beautiful and rich fabric that is woven and the patterns are created with designs that are weft and warped. 

    Which Banarasi saree is in Vogue right now?

    The innovative minds of Indian designers have revived the saree industry by bringing back classic handloom fashion. The contemporary versions of the pure banarasi silk sarees are an amalgamation of legacy and modern appeal. The latest trends that are in vogue include floral prints, bold geometric shapes, and striped patterns.

    Additionally, jewel weaves have been quite popular in designer saree collections. You can always check out trendy pieces by browsing through the latest Banarasi Silk Sarees online with price on Beatitude.

    Some of the styles of original banarasi saree that are in vogue right now are

    • Ivory and Gold Banarasi Silk sarees:

    The modern Indian woman wants to wear sarees that are deeply rooted in tradition but have a contemporary twist as well. The gold and ivory combination is perfect for the fusion look. You must enhance the look with the right accessories, and the gold colour is perfect for Indian skin tones as well.

    • Banarasi Cotton silk saree:

    Over the years, the traditional banarasi silk saree has evolved. Now, women want a saree that suits their taste and style. This is where the Banarasi cotton silk saree comes about. They are woven with light fabric and a simple motif that makes it great for formal wear. These sarees are great for office wear, and you can easily pair them with minimal jewellery.

    • Chiffon Banarasi Saree:

    The chiffon Banarasi saree is a crowd favourite among Indian women of all ages. They are comfortable, elegant, light, and extremely beautiful. The younger generation gravitates towards this style because of its versatility. It’s a great way to wear something stylish and classic.

    Picking the perfect banarasi saree with price for you

    Banarasi sarees look exquisite on any body type and skin tone because it’s made for the Indian woman. Here are some of the popular ways you can wear the saree based on your body type:

    If you have a tall frame, then opt for Banarasi saree that include heavy embellishments, heavy borders, and bold colours. Large prints and raw silk sarees will help accentuate your tall frame without looking overbearing.

    If you have a petite frame, then go for pastel shades and light colours, opt for short borders and small prints. Georgette and crepe sarees will do a great job of highlighting your petite frame.

    Styling The Banarasi Silk Saree

    There are so many styles and patterns you can try to drape a beautiful banarasi silk saree for wedding, but it's important to note which style will suit your personality, what draping styles will flaunt the gorgeous design of the saree, or what accessories will help you shine. 

    Before you buy Banarasi silk saree online, you have to know how to drape it for various occasions. Here are the three unique ways to drape a banarasi silk saree for wedding:

  • Pleated saree drape:
  • This is the most common drape, and it works with heavily embellished sarees and light cotton ones as well. You can also pair it with a high neck blouse for a classic appeal.

  • Casual drape:
  • This is an easy drape, and anyone can carry it off. It works with thin fabrics like chiffon and georgette; pair this with an open back blouse for a stylish outfit.

  • Saree on a skirt drape:
  • This is a fusion of saree and a lehenga, and it’s quite an interesting drape. It’s perfect for bridal looks and other festive occasions as well.

    Banarasi Saree Care: Storing and Washing Tips

    Silk is a natural fibre hence it is imperative to store and wash them with utmost care. Proper care of a original banarasi saree will ensure that it will last for years without losing its sheen. Here are a few tips to help you take care of your favourite Banarasi Saree.

    • Always wash a saree as per the instructions on the garment’s fabric care label
    • Check for colour fastness before washing
    • Use a mild soap or specially formulated silk shampoos. You can also use soap-nut (Reetha)
    • Never spray on a pure Banarasi saree with perfume or deodorant
    • Strictly do not use chlorine bleach
    • Do not dry in direct sunlight
    • Wrap your Banarasi saree in a dry towel while storing
    • Make sure to store it in a dark and cool place of your wardrobe

    Why Beatitude for Banarasi Cotton Silk Sarees Online Shopping?

    We do everything we can to guarantee you a smooth shopping experience – do not forget to make use of Beatitude’s easy 30-day return policy, quick delivery feature, cash on delivery facility, and more. Shop for banarasi saree with price on Beatitude and satisfy all your wardrobe needs with zero hassles!


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How much does a Original Banarasi Saree cost?

    Banarasi sarees are one of the most popular and decorated ethnic wear. There is a varied  Banarasi saree price range attached to this saree because of the different designs, motifs, and materials that go into creating one. Certain Banarasi sarees have intricate gold and silver threads, and they can cost you anywhere between 15,000 to 18,000 rupees.

    But, if you are looking to buy Banarasi saree online then the affordable option, of good quality, will start at 1,500 and can go up to 5,000 rupees. The Banarasi saree with price completely depends on the material, the design, and the weaving. It also depends on the zari work and the quality of the silk.

    How many types of Banarasi silk sarees are there?

    There are four popular types of Banarasi sarees:

    • Katan: If you want to buy Banarasi saree online and are looking at a simple attire then the Katan is perfect. This is because it has a plain fabric that is woven with pure silk threads.
    • Organza: These sarees are made with zari and silk, along with brocades which are woven fabric and the patterns include various designs created by the warp and weft methods.
    • Georgette: This light fabric includes a simple and plain weave and is made of the crepe yarn.
    • Shattir: This is another fabric that is used exclusively for banarasi saree for wedding, especially for exquisite contemporary designs.

    Why is the pure banarasi silk sarees famous?

    The Banarasi saree is famous because of the gold zari, silver handiwork, and excellent craftsmanship. Most Banarasi silk sarees have attractive motifs and the gold detailing makes it look quite regal. You can buy red Banarasi sarees online at affordable rates, as well.

    What is Katan Banarasi saree?

    Katan is a thread that is created by twisting various amounts of silk fabrics, as required, to provide the material with a firm structure. The fabric is plain and woven with pure silk threads. It also consists of two threads that are twisted together to form a light fabric, which ultimately results in a Katan Banarasi saree.

    How to identify a Original Banarasi Saree?

    If you are looking to buy pure banarasi silk sarees online, then you must know how to spot a Original Banarasi saree:

    • You will have to check the length, there must be six to eight inches of a plain silk patch on the pallu
    • The original banarasi silk saree will have Mughal patterns like ambi, amru, and domak
    • A counterfeit saree will not have any handmade Persian designs.

    Enjoy your buying of  banarasi silk sarees online with price on beatitude.

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