Luxurious as well as fashionable, stoles from Beatitude are bound to complement every outfit for any occasion. Excellent in quality and soft to the touch, these versatile items are the perfect accessories.

Hand-Embroidered Pashmina Stoles – A Class Statement for Elite

Pashmina, an ultra luxurious fabric, has been a token of sophistication for over a thousand years with which Kashmir artisans have hand woven gorgeous and elegant Pashmina stoles and shawls. Pashmina stoles have earned its way in the closet of affluent, right from the wealthy locals of the valley to the royalty of England. Throughout history, nobility along with kings and queens were able to afford Pashmina stoles and shawls and even today, the Pashmina stoles have been the statement of class for elite. To cater the desire of women of owing hand woven Pashmina stoles, Beatitude presents a fine collection of hand-embroidered stoles from Kashmir to let them accessorize with the mesmerizing pieces of stoles that symbolizes the labor of love of the Kashmiri weaver. Pashmina stole is a dream fashion accessory of every woman, as its elegance can transform any dress into classy and gorgeous.

Breathtakingly Beautiful Handwoven Pashmina Stoles traverse an Elaborate Creative Path

Pashmina is derived from the Persian word Pashm that literally means soft gold. It is a special type of wool derived from the Changra goat found in the Himalayan mountain ranges. The Kashmiri pashm is considered to be the finest of all fibres due to which it is termed as rare and earns a special place in the world of luxury fashion. Thus, this place is world renowned for its fine Pashmina and its legendary hand embroidered stoles and shawls. Hand woven with the finest Pashmina yarn that has been spun and woven on a traditional loom. We, at Beatitude proudly showcases hand-picked stoles and shawls intricately crafted by skilled master embroiderers in traditional floral, chinar and paisley motifs. The exceptional embroidery on these stole pieces has been painstakingly executed and takes much longer time compared to normal embroidered stoles and shawls.

Hand-embroidered Stoles Manifest Meticulous Effort of Our Craftsmen

The fabulous handwoven stoles are the outcome of the hard work of few experienced craftsmen showcasing delicate, traditional floral and paisley motifs in warm, winter colors. Ethereal embroideries are carefully threaded over opulent Pashmina stoles to make timeless elegies in luxury fashion. Our stunning collection of hand-embroidered and handwoven Pashmina stoles celebrate beauty in the interplay of natural textures of Pashmina. The immaculate needle-work patterns inscribed in the stoles make it a true masterpiece for all fashion connoisseurs. A perfect blend of the traditional craft and modern sensibilities, our stoles collection is a result of exemplary precision and workmanship of extremely skilled artisans.